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Post  Malfaseus Erasmus on Fri Jun 18, 2010 10:07 am

The name ISO, is based on International Organization for Standardization. [see www.iso.org]

The ISOs league which comes from the Greek word isos, "equal" means we are equal here in status, does not matter the skin colour, different beliefs, age and so on.

ISOs was jointly started by Malfaseus, Boromir and Shishio666 (who now joined his friend at Lost-Soul).
Markus and Necrus were the early war leaders.
Bluegene is the social animal in our group.
Knifir is the admin of this site (god bless his heart).

Most importantly, we are here for fun and to know a bit more about the people around us. And...

because of the quest requirements (yes, I know and I have been getting one-liner emails that says "to fulfill quest") because I was once... like you, a newbie.

So for whatever reasons, do respect all the players and have fun.

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